Monday, September 19, 2005

An apology...

The ebay non-payer person has apologized! She replied saying she would pay on Tuesday (which I thought was a bit much as she was supposed to pay by Sunday, but at least she said she was going to pay!) so I replied telling her that I wouldn't be able to get to the post office later in the week (which is true) so she really needed to pay me quickly - and she apologized for being late with the payment! Funny how an apology makes you think so much more of a person...

Also, has anyone tried/heard of Skype? I've been looking at their website and the free calls thing sounds too good to be true. They also describe themselves as "like a big group hug"! In a way it's like the Talktalk thing from Carphone Warehouse. I can talk for free to any other Talktalk customer, but do I know anyone else signed up for this? No!


Mary Anne said...


I'm so glad the e-bay situation worked out well. What a relief.

As for Skype, yes I have a friend living in Malaysia who uses the service regularly and has no complaints.
Mary Anne

Sue said...

Glad the ebay thing appears to be working itself out! I was burned by a seller - hated leaving negative feedback but its what you have to do unfortunately.

I use Skype regularly to talk to my Aussie connections and it is fab! To get the free calls both people need to have Skype on their computers, otherwise you can buy credits to call ordinary phones. I've used both methods and been more than happy with them.

all the best