Sunday, September 25, 2005

Finishing things off...

Pretty in Variegated Purple is just about finished. I do have some piccies but Blogger is not playing fair so I can't post them at the moment. The bobbly picot edging needs blocking again, to make it stay flatter. I think Andrea had the same problem with hers. Mine seems to fit OK, I just need to find some ribbon to tie the two sides of the front together.

I have also cast on for a clapotis, and had a pic all lined up along with my big blob of yarn for it, but yet again, Blogger isn't playing, so you'll have to wait. I'm off again to London for part of the week, for yet another conference, and I thought a beginning clapotis would be perfect for the train. I still have part of a fingerless mitten to do, but that's not enough for the whole time I'll be away. At this stage the clapotis is still reasonably small... I'm using my Denise needles for it. Wish I had the nerve to sit and knit at the conference, but I think I'm supposed to look Professional, and be busy Networking. Oh and I got a bursary for it so I need to make lots of notes so I can write a report later on! Can't make notes and knit at the same time. :-(

Thankyous to Andrea (above) for advice on the bolero sewing up and bobbly bits. Also to blueadt who sent me the poster for her knitting group in Hull & gave me some advice about publicity for Knit Lincs. Woollywarbler also gave me permission to use two little knitting emoticons she has on her site - thank you! I can't do anything about putting them up yet, as Blogger is being stupid.

I've been listening to Word 4 Word on Radio 4, it's all about dialects. This isn't exactly a dialect, but talking about a large blob of wool above reminded me. I scandalised a group of (male) friends when I lived in Exeter by saying that I couldn't come out that evening as I was going to "blob around". Now in my terminology "blob around" means to lounge around reading/listening to radio/watching tv/not doing very much. I couldn't understand why they all looked so horrified, until later on one told me that to be "on the blob" is Exeter-speak for the time of the month! Anyone else come across that one?! The other one, which I haven't come across outside Lincolnshire, is to "mash" the tea. That's the bit when you leave it in the pot until it's the right strength. I suppose you could use "brew" instead, but has anyone come across "mash" used in this context?!

Also, I've had an email from my Secret Pal (*wave*) to say that a parcel is on the way! This is SO exciting. I must get my act together and get something organised for my spoilee. It won't happen this week as I'm away...

Anybody else tried lurking on the Knitty Coffeeshop? I read a very amusing thread yesterday where people were complaining about how their LYS labels yarn with prices (either on the ballband, on the shelf or making you ask the shop assistant). Some people were saying that they didn't like having to ask for prices (which I can understand) and that for that reason they'd decided not to use a particular LYS. Oh, to have the choice! But then as I understand it the new knitting wave started earlier in the US than here, so maybe we'll catch up and have loads of LYSs too some day! Drool, drool, dribble, dribble, drool... There are so many knitting boards/forums/lists out there. These are the ones I know about:
Knitty Coffeeshop
Angel Yarns Forum
Livejournal SP 6 (this is really helpful if it's your first SP!)
I've also briefly been on Knit List (got a bit overwhelmed). Anyone know of anymore? There's sure to be loads. There are some smaller ones too, like knitnchat and UKStrictlyknitting, but they're quite quiet.

Hmm. A bit of a boring post without piccies. My apologies. Hope everyone has a good week and I will be back sometime (hopefully with plenty of knitting completed!)


Anne said...

Arrrrghhh - I just "pop on" to the computer for a min to see if there's anything interesting anywhere - and there is - LOADS to follow up on, and I've got to make chutney - never mind - there's always later :-)

Ooh - and I would blob around in similar fashion to you (prob esp when on the blob - but I've never used it that way before) - and my Geordie colleague mashes his tea. (Actually, he doesn't, he can't bear the stuff, but he talks about other people doing it.)

KnitYoga said...

I've heard of leaving the tea to mash but then I'm a Northerner born and bred. I hate to say this, too, but a condom was actually referred to as a "blob" when I lived up there. Don't know whether that's still the case. Just shows the extent of regional variation! Really looking forward to seeing your piccies. Blogger is a spoilsport at times!

ra said...

now then:
I too have heard the expression "on the blob" for ones period, was a bit concerned when i started my new job (Yorkshire) that people said that someone had "blobbed" meaning rung in sick, don't know if the two are connected.
Also, used to live in the North East and had heard condoms described as "blobs", imagine my surprise to find a pub called "The blob shop"!!! In Halifax (I think there may be a chain of them. When I said that it was another name for condom everyone looked at me as if I was demented! I thought I must have imagined it.
And finally yes if you do drink tea you leave it to mash. I'm from the Midlands (Coventry) originally bye the way!

Pixiepurls said...

there is also the forums, and forums (very energetic bunch of users over there!).

And if you spin there are the spinning forums