Thursday, September 15, 2005

Knitting in London

I've entered Hazel's competition, on her Knit Speak blog. The aim is to illustrate one of the knitting terms featured there. I love Tari's pic to illustrate "frogging". I have submitted "Second Sock Syndrome":

The prize is a skein of Hip Knits silk so go and get taking pics people!

Except I think I may have invalidated my entry, as I, er, took the DPNs and yarn with me to London today & the second sock is beginning to exist! I was going to attempt to illustrate both "DPNs" and "KIP" on the train but couldn't find anyone nice to take my pic. It was all boring businessmen having intense conversations on their mobiles ("I'm on the train!"). Usually at least someone wants to talk about knitting on the train. Huh. :-(

One good KIP moment if I'd remembered my camera at that point would have been at Stitchcraft at the British Library. Lovely friendly knitting group & it's so nice to meet people during the day in London. We sat in the terrace restaurant (as the rain poured down outside) and knitted away. Bliss. :-) I love the British Library generally. Not only is it stuffed full of librarians (obviously all very nice people) but it has a droolsome bookshop and yummy exhibitions. Today I managed not to buy anything (it's my birthday soon and I don't know what people are going to get me, so don't want to pre-empt anything! This is assuming that anyone gets me anything. Hmm...) but had time to go round the Hans Christian Andersen exhibition. If you follow that link you get to the online version of the exhibition.

Also, I have heard from my Secret Pal (hello Secret Pal!!) and have been told who my spoilee is so I've emailed him/her/it. This is very exciting. As I'd hoped they're both in a different country to me (not giving anything else away).

Oh yes, I've also just cast on for a clapotis. Watch this space.

Nearly forgot. New job is fab! Lots of stairs to climb (I have my very own attic) but very very cool. Cuts into knitting time terribly though...


KnitYoga said...

Thanks for submitting your photo of SSS! That's a coincidence - I'm expecting some yarn in the post any day soon to knit a clapotis which seems to be a rite of passage us knitters have to go through! Glad you're enjoying your new job. :-)

Fred said...

I like the colour on the yarn itself, think I may try some. Working out how to work out who my SP sending to me is short of going through all the blogs - least I can rule you out now ;-)