Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ebay Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs

Anybody else experienced the buyer who doesn't pay up problem? This is someone who won four of my auctions last week and still hasn't paid. I say in my item description that I allow 7 days for payment, which I think is fair. That time is now up and there has been no communication from them at all. The weird thing is that their feedback is 99.5% - most say things like "excellent communication", "prompt payment" and "credit to ebay" but every so often there's a neutral or negative with "never paid", "didn't reply to emails" etc. Weird. Looks like someone who likes bidding but doesn't actually want all the stuff they've bid for! I'm not the only person who's sold multiple lots to him/her and they've not been paid for. I've started the unpaid item process but am really annoyed. I scheduled the auction specifically for when I had time to go the post office and when I needed the money. Grrrrrr. It seems such a shame - the yarn people I've bought and sold to on ebay have, until now, all been really nice & friendly.

OK. Rant over. :-)
I have a FO to show off.

I have finally finished Noah's baby socks! Aren't they cute! And I still have some of this yarn left, probably enough for another pair for him. That 100g of Sirdar Town & Country has been enough for one pair of adult and probably two pairs of small child socks!

It was FREEZING in my attic at work on Friday, although the view out of the window is very pretty:

I have decided to use Sarah Bradberry's custom fit fingerless mittens pattern to make myself some mittens - I'm going to use 4ply sock yarn so I should still be able to type!

It also seems that we are in for a very very COLD winter. Looks like we'd all better get knitting thick woolly jumpers, socks, hats, scarves, nose warmers and ear muffs. Although I quite like being indoors in cold weather all snuggled up with a pile of knitting or a book!


Anne said...

Those socks are _sooooo_ cute! (But you seem to have cured your SSS!) The view from your attic at work is gorgeous - just think how pretty it will look all covered in snow :-)

How annoying with eBay - I've been pretty lucky up to now, although I've had some snotty (and incorrect) feedback before now. Hope they pay up soon.


Heather said...

Wow! that is a pretty good view to have from work!

Love the socks too, I hope your ebay frustrations are resolved soon.

Heather said...

Hi, Daisy - this is the other Heather (Doodles)!

Fab view, even if it is cold. Think how many reasons you now have to knit for yourself :)

Funnily enough, I am currently pursuing two eBay non-payers, both with 100% feedback.....

KnitYoga said...

I loved the baby sock when there was only one. Now there are two I doubly love them! What a wonderful view from your attic office window! By the sound of what we're to look forward to this winter, you'll need to knit yourself the whole works - nose warmer and all! :-) Hope you get your Ebay problem sorted out soon.