Thursday, September 29, 2005

Please work Blogger...

Yay, finally Blogger has agreed to upload some pics. Thanks to Mary Anne for pointing me in the direction of the Help files about this problem. I have a lot of catching up to do. These are the pics I took at the weekend, intending to post them then! Here is the very beginning of Clapotis, accompanied by the large blobs (!) of yarn. This was from Coldspring Mill, via Ebay and I have loads of the stuff (it was very cheap). It's 4ply and I'm using my size 8 (US) Denise needles with the longest connecting cord. After the large amounts of time I've had on trains this week Clapotis is a lot bigger, and I'm well on the way into Section 3 (where you get to drop stitches. So much fun. Tee hee hee.)

Clapotis is fun, and very good for knitting on the train as it's fairly repetitive but with enough interest for a longish journey.

Also at the weekend: here is Pretty in Variegated Purple, all sewn together! It still needs attacking with an iron to do something about getting the picot edging to lie flat. I also need to acquire some ribbon to tie the front together. But I'm very pleased with this - it actually fits!

I nipped into John Lewis on Oxford St today and had a look at their ribbon, but should really have taken some of the yarn with me to compare colours. The haberdashery dept there has been moved around so I had some fun working out if there was anything new, or not (I don't think there was!). Also managed not to buy anything!

Have I posted before about going to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace? I can't remember. Anyway, it was going to be my birthday treat, as it's on just before my birthday, but I've decided to wait until it moves up to Harrogate in November. The Ally Pally venue sounded far too overwhelming and crowded for my liking, and I don't think I'd have enjoyed it very much as I hate crowds. Harrogate will also be busy, but it's a smaller venue so there won't be as much to take in. I will also have been paid by then (a very important consideration!)...

Assuming Blogger is being cooperative over the weekend I'll upload some more pics very soon!

Has anyone been into Selfridges on Oxford St recently? I was trying to find the People Tree concession but the whole experience was so dreadful I gave up. Horrible big shop with clothes in all directions (I'm not keen on clothes shopping), most of it v. expensive and shop assistants who were all too "busy" to do anything helpful. The signage was bad too. Went straight back to John Lewis (much more pleasant experience). Supposedly People Tree was on the second floor, but I got hopelessly lost. Which is a shame as People Tree has some really nice clothing: fair trade and organic cotton and I wanted an opportunity to try some on, instead of just looking at the catalogue (see, I like SOME clothes shopping!). Grrrr.


Anne said...

How is Clapotis? I know everyone makes one, but I'm still feeling very unconvinced - dunno why, but it doesn't seem to do anything for me.

Hope Blogger gets its act together soon.


The Baxter said...

nicley done!

Mary Anne said...


your Purple Variegated is very beautiful! I love the colours and the design. I'm so glad it fits and you are happy with the outcome. I'd like to see a photo when you have it pressed and the ribbon of choice sewn in place.

You are using gorgeous colours for the Clappie. Just for interest, there is a Clapotis Along on yahoo groups where everything you ever wanted to know about how to knit a Clapotis is discussed. Some knitters are on their 6 and 7th clappies. Amazing how certain patterns inspire so much enthusiasm. I have yet to try one but who knows, you may inspire me.

Mary Anne

Anne said...

So glad your pics are up now - Pretty in Variegated Purple is gorgeous - and I'm beginning to feel I should try a Clapotis of my own - maybe then I'd get it - maybe I just don't like the colours on the Knitty one - I do like yours though. (Sorry, I'm sounding like a real grump about it - I'm not really, honest!)