Wednesday, September 21, 2005

This is how it all started...

Good grief. This is my 63rd post! What on earth did I do with my time before I started blogging?! Or knitting for that matter. How did all this madness start?

The mobile jumper on the left has the answer:

My sister-in-law, Sarah, and "Bump" made it for me for my birthday last year. I became fascinated by Stitch n' Bitch (from whence came the pattern) and decided to teach myself to knit from it. Quite a few mobile jumpers, scarves, tops, socks later the rest is history... Hard to believe that wasn't even a year ago. What on earth DID I do with all my time before knitting appeared on the horizon? Babies also help, the transformation of "Bump" into "Noah", my nephew-sprog, got me started on baby hoodies and baby aran things.
The mobile jumper to the right is another FO (really on a roll at the moment!) and is for James, whom I met at the conference in Cambridge. It was his birthday last week and he is a month older than me, so has been telling me about all the dreadful things that happen once you turn 26... Eeeeeek.

I had a chocolate parcel this morning from Frances (she of Wavy scarf fame). Aren't they cool! Hope you're impressed that I managed to restrain myself from tucking in until after I'd taken a photo!

Amazingly I had to go the dentist today for my 6 month check-up and didn't need any fillings! Considering the amount of chocolate and cake I normally consume this is nothing short of miraculous!

I have also just joined the Scarf Style Knit-along, which Mary Anne told me about. I haven't been part of a Knit-along before, but this sounds very non-scary, with no fixed finishing date, so I decided to go for it. Only problem is, I can't decide which pattern to start with...

More knitting pics will be posted soon. I have completed one of the Sarah Bradberry fingerless mittens, using what's left of the Hand-dyed Opal sock yarn. When the other is finished I will post. Pretty in Variegated Purple is also coming along nicely...

Anne has tagged me with a meme, which is below. I'm not going to tag anyone, but please feel free to put it on your blog if you feel so inclined - it's quite a fun one!

1. Go into your archive.
2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to).
3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
5. Tag five people to do the same.

This is mine below:

"If I'd known they stocked Noro I'd have waited to get my Kureyon - I'd much rather support a local independent store than John Lewis (even though John Lewis is very fluffy and ethical)."

Note to self: write in shorter sentences in future!

Also, I had an email and comment on blog from my SP. She/he has been collecting stuff and will soon be posting a parcel to me. This is SO exciting. I'm going to have to take up postman mugging all over again.


Secret Pal said...

Hey, guess what? I found a box! Package going to the post office tomorrow!

KnitYoga said...

Love the mobile jumpers, chocolate looks yummy and the Scarf Style Knitalong thing, you're sure to enjoy it. It was something I was looking at myself as fun to do. The trouble is with knitting, there are so many exciting projects and not enough time to do them all! Do others find this, too, I wonder? Secret Pal thing also seems good and fun - must participate next time.

susoolu said...

isn't it fun to look back and remember how it all started! I've given s'n'b to quite a few friends, and it has always got them hooked. Trouble is, once yarn has its hooks into you .....