Monday, December 12, 2005

Misty Garden

is finished! I cheated slightly and didn't use up all of the second ball of Jaeger Mohair Art, as the length was the same as the one in Scarf Style (150cm). I'm quite pleased with the result. Here is a very bad photo of Misty Garden blocking, hidden on the floor on the far side of my bed.

Elaborate security precautions are in place, in order to prevent Mum seeing MG before Christmas. Monkey is on guard outside my bedroom door:

And Sooty is the first line of defence in the living room. Don't be fooled by his sleepy look. He's very good at tripping people up.

Also notice how the living room (on the south side of the flat) has light and therefore warmth, whilst the bedroom (on the north) is freezing and gloomy. Humph, must knit some bedsocks I think.

Frantic knitting has been going on on bits of socks and a hot water bottle case. Pics when we have some light (April time?). I STILL have tonsillitis but antibiotics, chocolate and ice cream seem to be helping. Also means I've got plenty of time to knit, and do other things...

like make muffins for Noah's first birthday party!

Yum. :-)


Anne said...

I just checked my blogroll thinking "I wonder how Daisy's Misty Garden is getting on" - and there was the answer! Well done - and well done on finding a hiding place too! And you've got some yarn left to play with too :-)

And those muffins look scrummy - do you mind if I help myself to a cyber one?

Mary Anne said...

I'm glad to see Monkey is doing guard duty for the Misty Garden! Yay that you finished it in time.

Those cupcakes look delicious!

I hope your tonsillitis clears up soon. At least you are taking good care of it with the antibios, choccies and ice cream.
warm hugs to you,

KnitYoga said...

Well done with finishing Misty Garden, Katie! The muffins look delicious! Hope your tonsils improve and you don't have to resort to tonsillectomy in the end.

blueadt said...

Poor you - I hope you feel better soon. The muffins look fantastic!

happyspider said...

wow, i love your security Daisy! i really should train my dog but he has a tendency to lick peoples knees and then go to sleep on the floor... unsalvageable i think... not like your cat im sure :p
yummy muffins!!! mmmmmm

Annarella said...

Mmmmmmmm muffins... I.need.some. ;) Take care xx