Monday, December 05, 2005

Second Sock Syndrome

has struck. I have bits of Christmas presents everywhere and the possibility of getting everything (in fact anything?) finished in time is receding fast, particularly as I've just found out I'm being sent to work near Bury St Edmunds (ie a long way away) for the week before Christmas!

Misty Garden is STILL on the needles. STILL. AAARRRGGGHHH. Actually, she is nearly there now, over 3/4 done. I got loads done at Knit Lincs on Sat as Debbie had forgotten her new ball of wool so worked on my other knitting for me! I am not not not taking a photo of Misty Garden until she's done...

Hot water bottle cover - is proceeding quite well. It's a pattern from the RYC Home book, although I got all scared by the intarsia (it's supposed to have a pic of a rose on it) and how much it would cost (7 balls of Cashsoft 4ply = £27.65. Hmm. For a hot water bottle cover that's extreme). So instead I'm following the basic pattern, ignoring the intarsia and doing stripes in cream and lilac (which will match Mum's bedroom). Cashsoft is lovely. It's the first time I've knitted with an RYC yarn and it's so soft and yummy. Makes my stitches look all neat and the same size too.

Two single socks. The BIG blue one is my brother's done on the teeny tiny 2mm needles. He was here at the weekend so I got him to try it on and it fits! Now all I need to do is make the second! The other is my Broadripple sock, which is also still awaiting a mate. I'm afraid it will have to carry on waiting until after all the presents are finished. For those who asked it's made with Regia cotton surf 4ply on 2.5mm DPNs.

I then hit a problem as I can't knit Misty Garden or the hot water bottle cover when Mum might see them. I couldn't knit any more of brother's socks until he'd tried them on and I couldn't start my SIL's socks as I was waiting for some needles from Getknitted to be delivered.

So I started a curly whirlie scarf. Using some GGH Colorado and Stylecraft Charleston from my stash. Curly Whirlie is lots of fun to knit, and I've been enjoying seeing everyone else's on the Curly Whirlie blog.

But then of course the needles came in the post (2 x Addi curculars 2.5mm in different lengths) and the Curly Whirlie had to be put down in favour of this:

SIL's socks, in the Regia 4ply Canadian Color which I got at Harrogate from the Web of Wool stall. Thanks to the comments from my previous post about this yarn, it seems that the different colours are named after different Canadian cities. Mine is shade 4737 which is Manitoba! This is also my first attempt at the one sock on 2 circs method - great fun, easy and quick to do. I'm still having a few issues with ladders at the joins, although pulling them really tight (as with the joins on DPNs) seems to be doing the trick. The instructions and photos on the Socknitters website are really really helpful for this method.

Anyone got any idea how I'm going to block Mum's presents (assuming they're finished before Christmas). I usually lay things out to block on my spare mattress in the conservatory, but she walks past that and will see them. She tends to wander into the flat often too... I did think about putting them on the floor on the far side of my bed in the hope she doesn't wander round there.

Also, anybody know of a knitting group near Bury St Edmunds with a meeting in the last week before Christmas?!

The new issue of Knitty is up! Some lovely lovely patterns. I particularly like Kate the kitten, the Creatures (which are very cool), Tempting II (the original Tempting is still on my things to make list!) and Tubey.


KnitYoga said...

I just adore that Manitoba sock yarn. It's so yummy it makes me want to knit a pair of socks. I've still got that sock kit which I imagine gives me a baleful look every time I open the drawer its in! Have you got a rug near your bed? How about giving the scarf a wet block under the rug wrapped in a towel and then when it's nice and blocked putting it somewhere to dry when you know she's not going to come in. In fact, I think it would be quite reasonable to say to her that between such and such times she should avoid going in that room in order not to spoil Xmas surprises. I'm sure she'd understand.

Marie said...

I agree, that price does seem a bit excessive for a hot water bottle cover. Sometimes I suspect 10-colour intarsia patterns are made as part of a cunning plan to make us buy (even) more yarn. Could you perhaps block the scarf at night while she sleeps. If it's a fairly light yarn it should be dry by the morning.

handknit168 said...

The sock yarn is always beautiful and it is hard to find in Hong Kong

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happyspider said...

sss has struck me to my friend, christmas must be coming.

jess said...

That is an expensive hot water bottle cover... some patterns are utterly ridiculous in that way.

Good luck with your Xmas knitting (I feel a bit pressed up against a wall myself).

Iris said...

Love the look of your mate-less socks! ;-) In particular the Broadripple sock looks fantastic!

As for the ladder effect - have you tried moving the joins? Ever row you knit one stitch from the next needle, thus moving the join a stitch further. I've never knitted with two circs, so I don't know if that is do-able, but that is how you prevent ladders with dpns...

Iris said...

Also, thank you for your comment on my blog. I'm not quite sure what I am going to knit first... possibly some socks, using the grey sock yarn. I've been wanting to knit socks with solid colours.

Mary Anne said...

the holiday knitting crunch has hit you! I hope you get everything done in time but if not, oh well. Such is life, yes? As for hiding your mom's gift while they are blocking, you could always put them under the bed. Bury St. Edmunds - I remember that name from an Agatha Christie book. I hope you will tell us all about your week there when you return.