Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I've told a lie. Oops. I told Beatlewear (who's in Australia) yesterday that the whole British snow at Christmas thing was all a fabrication by the tourist industry and Richard Curtis films. Then I opened the curtains this morning to see this:

Isn't that just typical?! Well it's hardly any snow at all - you can still see the grass. And since I took this pic it's been raining so there's virtually no snow at all left. If you want to see proper snow then have a look at Hundgestrickt (Germany), and Knit Think (US) - that's what real snow looks like. And could somebody please tell the British transport system that this ISN'T proper snow? Otherwise everything will stop working because a whole inch has fallen!

I have also finished my curlie whirlie - this is the cast on about 90 stitches, increase into every stitch, knit, increase into every stitch, knit, increase into every stitch, knit a few rows, spend four hours casting off version. I cast on with GGH Colorado in pink (a lovely chunky woolly yarn) and used up two balls, then did a few rows in black Stylecraft Charleston. Look at its wiggles - I've already had a few comments and I've hardly worn it outside at all yet!

Don't know how many more posts there will be before the New Year. I'm out for the rest of today meeting up with old school friends, then DB is coming over for a few days and I'm spending New Year in Solihull with an old university friend. So I hope everyone has a very happy New Year! See you next year...

Oh, and I did finally get the lights put in the Christmas tree. On Boxing Day...


Mary Anne said...

You got my snow, Katie! Oh how I wish it would snow here in BC. Your curly whirlie is a beautiful colourway.

I wish you a splendiferous time with DB and your mates and the best of Happy New Years.

warm hugs
Mary Anne
& Sarah too

happyspider said...

lol, that's hilarious! it's murphy's law isnt it though, just like as soon as i lend out my 6mm unused crochet hook i suddenly desperately need it?
as soon as i get brave i'll show some pictures of hot hot heat... but tomorrows going to be 39 degrees C... i dont want to even open the curtains!

Leslie said...

We didn't get any snow in western Nebraska. Everything is just brown. When I take the tree down it may snow.
I really liked your tree.
Sorry about your Dad.

KnitYoga said...

Hi Katie,
Just catching up on looking at everyone's blogs. Glad that your Xmas went well. The CW looks great. If you get fed up with the number of stitches why not try knitting Scarf Style Ruffles (only twenty odd stitches) and, if you get fed up with the constant turning, you can have the extra fun of learning backwards knitting! (Links to backwards knitting tutorials on CW blog). Happy new year for 2006!

C x said...

Hehe he CW's are truly addictive !

I've tagged you for a meme (Details on my blog) I look forward to hearing your answers.

Heres to a very happy knitty and productive 2006 :)

C x