Saturday, December 31, 2005

Bye bye snow

The snow is running away. Maybe it's something I said?

I've been tagged by UKnitty so here goes!

What new knitting techniques did you learn this year?

Well a year ago I could cast on and off and do garter stitch! So I've learnt how to purl, increase, decrease, seam, make garments, make socks (using DPNs and 2 circular needles), use circular needles, make buttonholes...

Which completed project from the last 12 months are you most proud of ?

All my handknitted socks. They are lovely to wear and I thought sock knitting would be really scary, but it isn't!

What was your biggest knitting disaster of the last year?

My Summer Tweed top (see profile pic). It's baggy. And getting baggier. I really don't like knitting with Summer Tweed and I'm not convinced the end result is worth it.

Who or what has been the biggest influence on your knitting in 2005 ?

All the people on UKHK Yahoo group and whose blogs I read. They've provided help, support, encouragement and have taught me how to stash enhance!

What knit craze grabbed you this year ?

For most of the year sock knitting, but then Curly Whirlies arrived in December...

Finally, some New Years resolutions.

In 2006 I will knit - Tubey from Knitty, lots more socks, Debbie Bliss Cathay asymmetic top, Charisma skirt, as much as possible from the Jo Sharp book I got for Christmas...
I will learn to - knit lace, using the laceweight yarn I got from my Secret Pal.
To become a better knitter I will - attend at least one knitting workshop this year.

Name the folks to pass this meme on to:
Hazel, Anne and Amy

(but only if you want to!)


blueadt said...

Happy New Year Daisy :-)

Nic said...

Happy new year! We had loads of snow too but its all gone now :o(
Hey I bet your resolutions with regards knitting are more likely to be acheived that normal new years resolutions ;o)

alltangledup said...

excellent resolutions, esp the one about doing a course, I've always learned something from every course that I've done

Amelia said...

Happy new year! I love your answers, good luck sticking to your resolutions - and let us know how you feel you are getting on!