Monday, December 19, 2005

What's in my knitting bag?

I've been tagged by Hundgestrickt!
So here is: What's in my knitting bag?! That's not an easy question to answer.

I have lots of stuff. The sun has come out so this picture isn't particularly clear, but my "real" knitting bags are on the sofa and all the carrier bags stuffed down the side have projects in, or books! My half-finished curly whirlie is in the foreground!

This is my small knitting bag, a free gift from Simply Knitting magazine. I usually use this for taking sock knitting on the train. At the moment it's housing my half done Broadripple socks, which will be finished after all the Christmas knitting.

This is my big knitting bag - made with 3 balls of Sirdar Bigga yarn. I mainly use this bag for storing things in and taking to Knit Lincs meetings (makes it easy for other knitters to spot me!). Although the woolly hat and Clapotis at this time of year are also a bit of a give away.

Inside the big bag at the moment are my Christmas socks! On the left the ones for my brother, in Cygnet wool rich 4ply (using 5 DPNs) and on the right the Regia Canadian color ones on 2 circs.

Finally I have a furry pencil case which gets stuffed into whichever bag I'm using at the moment. It contains all my essential equipment type stuff.

  • Small scissors
  • Two tape measures (one in sheep form from Amy, my SP6!)
  • 4 long stitch holders
  • 2 crochet hooks in different sizes
  • 2 pencils (one blunt)
  • 2 safety pins
  • 1 blocking pin (escaped from elsewhere)
  • 1 needle gauge
  • Fake grafting instructions for sock toes
  • 1" of velcro
  • Small tub of stitch markers (also from Amy!)
  • Ring type stitch markers
  • 4 small point protectors
  • reel of knitting elastic
  • 2 sewing needles
I'm not going to tag anyone, as I know a lot of people are a bit overwhelmed with Christmas knitting at the moment! But if you would like to have a go at this meme then please feel free!

Actually, now I've looked properly at the contents of my furry pencil case, I've realised that these represent some of the variety of places I've visited and some of the friends I've made! So:

Needle n' Craft in Lincoln: 2 stitch holders, needle gauge, velcro.
Loop in London: point protectors
John Lewis in Nottingham: knitting elastic
Shades of Wool in Penrith: stitch markers
Secret Pal exchange: stitch markers and tape measure
Belonged to my ancestors: 2 stitch holders, crochet hooks
Angel yarns: toe grafting instructions
Yarn shop in York: sewing needles
In my sewing kit from the year dot: scissors, tape measure
Stolen from Mum's sewing kit: safety pins

and the furry pencil case was a present from my friend Helen!


jess said...

brave display! I am off to take a long and hard look at mine (though I won't be showing).

Anne said...

Tee hee - I see what you mean about the sofa ;-) Still, I tidied ours (a bit) today, so all the yarn I can't claim I'm actually knitting with at the moment has been hidden under the bed!

And I cleared out my knitting bag too - it now "only" contains 6 WsIP (4 of which need finishing for Christmas - arrgghhhh!)

Mary Anne said...

I love your knitting bag, the one knit with Bigga! It's so beautiful, the colours and seed stitch. I must make one of those some day.

tina said...

Everyone seems to take the chance to clear out her stuff... So it was finally good for something *lol*
Daisy, your big knitting bag is so beautyful! And I especially love your explanations on where you got the stuff from. York, was there some day too... in the mid eighties or so, with pupil exchange. had totally forgotten about that!

KnitYoga said...

You're more organised than I am. I don't have a proper knitting bag yet! Whenever I need something like a stitch holder, it means rifling through a drawer or such like to find it. I really like the Simply Knitting bag that you made.

happyspider said...

it shouldnt weird me out that i have the exact same giveaway bag, but it does! its so useful though, isnt it? i wish i had ten!
i think we are on par in terms of Stuff, but my zippy case is SOSOSOSOSOSOOOOO messy, i have to fish in there for ages to find what i want. its full of snippets of yarn that i cut off and feel bad leaving on the bus... maybe i'll clean it all out for the new year

Sharon J said...

Hi Daisy. Just wondered what yarn you're using for the Broadripple socks as I love the colours. ~Sharon (from Angel Yarns forum)