Thursday, December 29, 2005

More snow

We've had even more snow here!

The grass has now totally vanished in the garden!

DB and I walked up to the Cathedral, only it's vanished in the fog! (The snow-covered statue in the foreground is Tennyson).


Mary Anne said...

You have my snow!!! I am so envious. I'm ever hopeful that one day I'll look out the window and see some white fluffy stuff.

The photos are beautiful, esp. the cathedral picture. Thank you for the link to Tennyson, a favourite poet of mine.

happyspider said...

o wow! i just put up some pics of my cloudless sky and then skipped over to see your snow... am so jealous right now (its 11.30pm and still 29 degrees)

kristinknits said...

Wow! What a beautiful photo of the cathedral. : )

Mz Mar said...

What a beautiful photo!! I had to tell my dd to check it out!
Thanks for sharing!