Friday, December 16, 2005

Noah's 1st birthday

went with a swing. He was very excited and thought his presents were all great, especially the wrapping paper. I couldn't get the flash to work on my camera so all the pictures are dark orange, this is one of the best:

Noah and his granny (my Mum) eating shortbread. They all went off to the Christingle service at a local church, but I stayed behind to have a snooze on the sofa (as I've still got tonsillitis). Actually this was a good excuse to play with Noah's toys without him grabbing them off me. This one is cool:

You bonk the end on the ground and it makes all sorts of noises! I could have played with it for hours (how old am I?!)

On the subject of tonsillitis - the antibiotics haven't done anything this time (they always have before) but it seems to be going gradually. I listened to Check up on Radio 4 yesterday, which totally put me off having a tonsillectomy (and also the waiting list is probably about 12 years so it's not like I'd get rid of the tonsils that quickly). Have done only half a day's work so far this month, which means I'll have to give the January sales a miss. Although that's a good thing as I could do with using up some of my stash before I run out of space...

Knitting is proceeding apace. I went to London yesterday to spread some tonsillitis germs around as many places as possible and got on well with my SIL's second sock on the train. I've just turned the heel on that, and also on my brother's second sock - 9 days to go, will I make it?! The hot water bottle cover is on the final section, although I need to find it some buttons and ribbon. (possible trip to Boyes tomorrow after Knit Lincs?)

And here's Misty Garden - finished, blocked and hanging up in proper light so the colour comes out much as it's meant to!

Has anyone been listening to David Copperfield on Radio 4? I've been enjoying the story parts, but I'm getting really irritated by the beginning/ending/background music - which is really just a woman wailing. Or am I being really picky?!

Oh and you don't get as many funny looks knitting socks on two circs on the train as you do using DPNs!


Steph said...

Those Wacky Stick toys are great aren't they? I did indeed spend many a happy hour playing with my girls with theirs. ;-) Good luck with the Xmas knitting, and hope you feel better soon. Happy Birthday to Noah too - he looks adorable!

KnitYoga said...

Happy Birthday, Noah! He looks really cute!

Misty Garden's looking nice. I bet your Mum will love it!

Oh, and less playing with wacky sticks and more playing with the pointies if you're to finish your Xmas knitting. ;-)

Hope the tonsils are fully recovered soon.

happyspider said...

how cite is noah!!!! omg!!!!!
and misty garden is a much different colour than i though it was.. oh the tricks of lighting!
hope you're better for christmas.

Mary Anne said...

I'm sorry to hear you're still battling those inflamed tonsils, Katie.

Misty Garden turned out quite lovely and hopefully worth all the effort.

Happy Birthday Noah! It looks like everyone had a grand time.

I do hope you feel better in time for Christmas. Take lots of rest for yourself and stay warm.
ps: Sarah sends chocolate bunny hugs :)

Judy said...

Happy Birthday to Noah! And I hope you feel better soon...

You're very welcome to link to my sock yarn review, too! I'm glad it's helpful.

happyspider said...

btw, i havent made a rag rug before, but i have Sally Hardings Quick Crochet, Huge Hooks, and there is a really nice pattern in there. and i have a big enough hook, i just need to find some brightly coloured sheets to shred :)

Annarella said...

Misty Garden is looking very pretty! :)