Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Fondant - hooray!

I've just finished the second armhole of Fondant with more decreases to allow for my non-existent bust and that side looks a lot better! As you can see from the photo:

I worked out that the reason I got so annoyed with it was that it was occupying the needles and stitch markers I wanted to use for something else (in fact various things, like another baby jumper or a clapotis). I was approaching the nearly-at-end-of-project stage, when I normally start something else off at the same time but couldn't. But I also had a big urge to knit because I was all stressy about my dissertation so was thwarted in that and therefore got even more stressy! And it all boils down to only having two stitch markers!

I've had a look for some more. Angel Yarns has some nice dangly ones but they're quite expensive (the ones I have already came in an Angel Yarn sock kit). There are also some nice ones on ebay at the Yarn Faery. But I could make some myself, as various other people on various other blogs have done. This of course would mean even less time to write the dissertation... Hmm. But maybe that's a good thing. If I induce a state of panic I might actually get round to writing the thing sometime soon.

Mum bought me a couple of new cushions yesterday:

They're the flower and the zigzag ones. I got the checky one in the middle on holiday in the Lakes last month. The idea now is that these colours coordinate with some yarn I've already got to make more covers for my plain cushions. How many cushions does one sofa need?!

Also,please vote for Emily's cat Molly in the cutest cat poll. Molly is really really cute and there are plenty of gorgeous pictures of her on Emily's blog. I could have entered Sooty, but I don't think he comes into the cute category - he makes far too much noise & also distracts me from the dissertation!


scarletprincess said...

My sympathies on the dissertation... I'm starting the beginnings of my Honours Project- uck! Knit the stress away! Fandant looks great- especially where you've altered the armhole- good job :O)

Mary Anne said...

Yay for you! Your Fondant looks gorgeous and a perfect fit. Isn't it a nice feeling to finish a project?

I like all the pillows and NO, you can never have too many pillows on a sofa.

I did what you told me and voted for Molly the cutest cat :).
Mary Anne

Emily said...

Hey there! Molly is so touched by your kind words, Thankyou. Fondant looks great, i was tempted to knit that one myself.

Kate said...

Don't stress about the yarn markers. There is no need to spend good money on them - use a bit of yarn like I do. You never run out, they don't add weight, get caught in the knitting, fall off the needle, get eaten by the cat/baby/hoover/whatever. I'm a big fan.