Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I'm in a REALLY GRRRR mood. You can see why from the little cartoon person in the sidebar. Huh. Grrr. Although now I have a Magic Magnet life is a lot better (spending 4 days wrapped round a hot water bottle in this weather is not good, but with the magnet I don't have to!! Doesn't stop me being a moody cow though...).

But now I think it's time to talk about happier things. First of all I had a visit from Noah my Nephew-Sprog this afternoon:

He came to demonstrate his new crawling technique, which he only started at the weekend. Isn't he cute?! Looks just like my brother... (who is definitely not cute).

I also got my Feed the Children baby jumper #1 finished off:

This is the smallest size. I think I'm going to make one in the biggest, and then possibly a medium before I post them off. The stripes and stocking/garter stitch pattern helped me to count rows, as my row counter was already engaged with a pair of socks...

Fondant has also made a come back. I did a certain amount of unFondanting to the point where I'd misread the pattern, managed not to lose any stitches (!!) and carried on from there. So that's not as disastrous as I originally envisaged!

I wonder how many Fondant photos will eventually end up on this blog? That's six already!

All of this knitting was helped along by last night's knitting TV. There was a very good programme on Channel 5 (of all places!) about George Stubbs' horse paintings. Ok. This may not sound instantly attractive/interesting. But I love horses and used to do a lot of riding and the programme was interesting and lively. There's an exhibition on at the National Gallery at the moment, which I think will go on my places I want to go to list, along with the Picture of Britain exhibition at Tate Modern. Not sure when I'll have time for all this.

I am also continuing my cheesy Jane Austen take-off reading. There are some very funny, often dire books out there, some of which are definitely based on the BBC adaptation, rather than Austen. I think possibly the worst so far was: "Darcy's Story" by Janet Aylmer. This was totally hilarious. My friend Penny has just sent me "An Assembly such as this" by Pamela Aidan, which is supposed to be better. I shall report back soon. I'm also reading "We need to talk about Kevin" at the moment - really cheerful stuff but well written.

Tomorrow I venture back onto GNER to go to London. With me will be the Thank You Socks for Jenny.

I really hope that I won't get hours of knitting time on the train this time...

Also, the Proms start this weekend - hours and hours of knitting time whilst listening to music!! :-) I quite fancy promming properly in the gallery bit at the top of the Royal Albert Hall as you can lie on the floor and stare at the mushrooms on the ceiling whilst the music floats over you. Or sit and knit. Hmm.

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Mary Anne said...

I remember those 'moody cow' days! Now it's meno madness for me. Never mind, it will all pass eventually.

Your nephew is adorable. I'm glad to see your Fondant is back on track. It is getting a lot of photo coverage and that's a good thing. I like seeing how it's progressing.

Good luck on your trip tomorrow and thanks for the link to the BBC proms. I can listen online.
Mary Anne