Friday, July 08, 2005

Home again...

Thank you for all the messages - the comments left on my blog and the people who emailed me direct. I think I've heard from everyone I know who was in London yesterday and they're all OK, thank goodness.
I've just got back! It took 7 hours (normally takes 2 between Lincoln and London) and I had to change trains 5 times (normally just once)! However, this did include a wait of an hour for a connection at Peterborough, during which I nipped over the road to John Lewis to have a look at their yarn sale (and bought 2 balls of baby DK for the Feed the Children project). It wasn't a bad journey after all as there was a great camaraderie (sp?) amongst everyone and people were much more friendly than normal. It reminded me of the people walking home on Thursday evening - it is so unusual to see so many people walking and chatting. Perhaps something good has come out of these terrible events?
I hope everyone else who reads this got home OK in the end and that all their loved ones are safe. I will post again once I've unpacked, had some sleep and worked out which way is up.

And it's Knit Lincs tomorrow!! :-) :-) :-)

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Karen said...

Glad that you're safe and you got home OK.