Monday, July 25, 2005

Neutral sheep

I'm a neutral sheep - a bit boring surely?

Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna

Having now recovered from my car embarrassment of earlier (not that the car has any more petrol in it yet), I thought I'd put some more pics on here.

I blocked Fondant over the weekend, and there is one wibbly bit where I wove some ends in. But it's on the back so I'm going to ignore it as I can't see it when I'm wearing it.

Mum insisted on an outside shot (even though it was FREEZING!) so she could have some bushes in the background.

I have also started off a wrap in KidSilkHaze from Simply Knitting issue 2. This is weird to knit with, like cobwebs, but I like the effect. It has an 8 row repeat, so I'm doing a repeat a night whilst listening to Book at Bedtime. I love this colour - it's "liqueur" which I got on ebay.

Meanwhile, Sooty is still annoyed with me for not entering him in the cutest cat contest (a travesty anyway, as Molly didn't win).

Meanwhile, my printer inkjet cartridge was running low (can you see my halo from all that dissertation writing?!) and I found that you can buy them from ActionAid Recycling - profits to charity, reasonable prices, free delivery and they arrive SO quickly!! They're also really friendly when you email to request a cartridge.

Oh yes. I finished off Jenny's first thank you sock:

It's looking good, and I have hours on trains again later this week so the second one should appear even quicker!

Also, Mary Anne has sent me some links to instructions for making stitch markers. I still haven't got any further with this, as am currently trying out Kate's suggestion of just using a circle of yarn.
  • This one is like a string of beads in a ring round the needle. Looks good, although might be a bit fat if you've got a lot of stitches on there.
  • These are like the dangly ones I was originally thinking about. With loads of pictures of how to make them!
  • These are cool - you shrink pictures into little pictures and make them into stitch markers!
  • More dangly ones - with even clearer pictures of how to make them!
  • And sheep beads!!
Now I need to decide what to make. I want to get on with it NOW (although obviously patience is a virtue...). Anybody got any idea where to buy the little ring things - from the blogs above it appears that once again the shops on t'other side of the Atlantic are better! Oooh, I'm feeling all inspired. Thank you Mary Anne - you're a star!


Mary Anne said...

Beautiful work on your Fondant, Daisy! I love the new wrap you are knitting, esp. the deep red colour. Yummy.

I took the quiz and I'm a Neutral Sheep also.

I hope your second sock works up as fast as the first one.
Mary Anne

lucia said...

Molly is very cute!

(And looks like my 2nd cat, Jones who has gone to the happy hunting ground...)

Sooty looks like the cat I just adopted who is handsome and elegant.

scarletprincess said...

your fondant looks great! Kidsilk haze is beautiful isn't it? Your wrap will be lovely

Anonymous said...

If you haven't been already I tag you in the id·i·o·syn·cra·sy
blog chain check out my blog for more details nic x