Sunday, July 10, 2005

Lots of photos

Here, finally, are some more photos! The first shows the Regia socks being modelled by the washing line (I haven't washed them, just thought I'd take a pic with the garden behind!). The socks have turned out really well, despite the circumstances under which I made them in London. I think they're what is called "fraternal twins".

Here they are again being modelled by Mum's feet. Despite the heat. She did take them off fairly quickly after I'd taken the photo!

I think more socks are on the horizon. I thought I'd make some for my friend Jenny, who was an absolute star on Thursday night and let me stay over when I was stranded in London. She saw me making Mum's socks and liked them. Jenny's favourite colour is blue, and I have some Sirdar town and country blue sock stuff in my stash, so next project here I come!

A MYSTERY item can now be revealed, as it's been despatched to Frances for her birthday. It's Wavy, a Knitty pattern for a wiggly scarf. It hasn't turned out quite as wiggly as the picture on Knitty, but I think they used 100% wool, whereas I used 3 balls of Sirdar Donegal Tweed DK which isn't as springy. This was a fun project to do on holiday, but involved a bit more counting than I'm used to!

Sooty was really worried about me in London and is now lolling all over the floor as he thinks it's far too hot. I suggested he took his fur coat off or took a shower but he wasn't too impressed with these ideas and went to sit under the hedge instead.

And yes, he really does have a leg missing at the back!

Finally, Knit Lincs yesterday went very well. There was only Debbie and I there, but we sat in the middle of an art installation on the top floor of The Hub. There were hanging things from the ceiling with fish, octopii and other sea creatures there. Various people wandered past and looked at us knitting in the middle of all this! I really wished I'd taken my camera along. Somehow two hours went past really fast and when I suggested a coffee we realised the cafe had already shut. Where did the time go?!?!
Debbie also told me about KnitCast, which I'd heard mentioned before but hadn't known what a podcast was. I do now! And although I haven't got an ipod, I'll be able to listen to them on my computer. I'm going to save up the 10 episodes so far and use them as a dissertation incentive, otherwise I really will never get round to writing the thing.

Oh, and I noticed whilst blogging using Jenny's computer on Thursday night that when you look at Daisychains using Internet Explorer (I use Mozilla Firefox at home, it's much less problematic than IE) the stuff in the sidebar (profile, links etc) was all right at the bottom of the page. Has anyone else had this problem whilst looking at my blog?

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Mary Anne said...

Hi Daisy,
The socks are awesome! I like the wavy scarf also. As for the sidebar, yes, it does show up quite a ways down the page. I just thought that was how you wanted it to be :)
Nice to see you safely back home from your trip.
Mary Anne