Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Fondant. Why??

Fondant is driving me mad. I've finished off the neck now (with a nice stretchy cast off recommended by someone on UKHandknitters) and done one armhole (it's a sleeveless top with 2x2 ribbing round the armhole). Tried it on and it's baggy at the front. Mum, tittering away to herself, said that this is because my bust is non-existent (she's just jealous, as hers is enormous). I have been reading up on ease and things like that on Knitty, and have found out plenty about making more ease for bigger busts, but nothing about making things smaller. Huh. I'm just picking up stitches for the second armhole ribbing and am going to experiment with more decreases - then will redo the first armhole.

The good news is that I followed the picking up stitches instructions on knitty and that part looks a whole lot better than last time I tried! :-)

Also, anyone know how I can get my sidebar to appear at the top of the side when using Internet Explorer? The thing seems to have developed a life of its own and keeps heading for the bottom. I've tried deleting large pics from the sidebar, which worked for a while, but now it's reverted back...

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