Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year Knitting

I've had a bit of a New Year tidy-up of the sidebar. The SP6 button needed to go, and to be replaced with the SP7 one, and I have finally managed to save the Curly Whirlies and Scarf Style buttons so I don't go bandwidth stealing! Very exciting - SP7 starts very soon!
Also, I've joined another knitting related Yahoo group - Add, Sell and Buy. Partly in my ongoing quest for Charisma Cashmere/Lambswool (feels like doing a treasure hunt!) and partly out of interest. Here's the link if anyone else wants to join.

Click here to join addsellandbuy
Click to join addsellandbuy

Whilst playing around on the computer earlier, I discovered this old (2002) episode of Woman's Hour, which features the Cast Off knitters. Go and listen, it's only about 9 minutes long. There is also a New Year's Day Cast-On to listen to.

On my previous post I talked about some knitting resolutions for this year, and I've got it off to a great start by joining the Tubey Knit-Along! This group is growing alarmingly fast, as I was, I think, the third to join, and the list is much longer now! I'm now weighing up what to knit Tubey with - either Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, which I could get in London on 12th January, or RYC Cashsoft Aran, which I could get today! Or maybe not as I've got a stonking cold so may not venture into town for a while. (Thank you Mum for being really generous and sharing your cold with me!)

After so many pictures of snow and not-snow here are some knitting pics to cheer everyone up!

Broadripple socks are getting there. Can't wait to get them finished, now that I have some Cascase Fixation to try out the pattern for "real" with! However, I did get a little distracted by my Curious sock yarn:

Knit Obsession has some in the same colourway (candies) which are nearly finished. Woolly Warbler has some in a different colourway, using the Jaywalker pattern, which is the one I've started. The yarn looks totally yummy and I've been admiring all the socks people have made on the Jaywalker Knit-Along. It seems that both Knit Obsession and Woolly Warbler were worried about running out of the second colour (for cuffs, heels and toes) but both had just enough. Think I should be OK as I'm making the smaller size, although I am using a smaller needle than the pattern (was too impatient to start and didn't have any 2.25mm DPNs so am using 2mm instead! The gauge looked like it was OK...)

And at the other end of the spectrum, on 6.5mm needles is this:

The Cranberry pattern from Jaeger JB10 (Chamonix). Back in August I spent ages tracking some more of the Chamonix down and was going to make a plainer pattern, but then I was smitten with cable temptation. Oh and I had to make something called "Cranberry" just after Christmas didn't I?! This is the back and I've just started the armhole shaping. It's a very quick knit and really enjoyable. I like needles this size, as I haven't enjoyed wrestling with enormous 15mm ones. 6.5mm is just big enough to be comfortable and makes a nice change from the ickle tiny DPNs!


rachel said...

I did my sums last night and did them wrong, I don't have enough pink for the whole of the toe decreases but as I said, I do make my socks big!I've decided to make my toes plain and see how they turn out. (knitobsession)

KnitYoga said...

Fingers crossed you have enough of the Curious Sock Yarn to finish! I really like the Cranberry pattern you're doing in the Jaeger Chamonix. Good luck also for tracking down the charisma yarn.

Marie said...

Cranberry looks so nice, and Tubey is such a cute pattern - looking forward to seeing more of both projects!

Tracy said...

You'll be fine if making the smaller Jaywalkers. I never normally make them that size but I'd heard that they were kind of tight around the foot. I had 4 inches of the second colour left! The main wasn't a problem. Anyway, I liked them so much 3 more skeins arrived in the post this morning hehe!

Mary Anne said...

It was fun to read the projects you've planned for 2006. The cranberry looks lovely.