Thursday, January 05, 2006

Feeling very scared...

I've been asked to do an interview on Radio Lincolnshire - live on Sunday morning! It'll be about Knit Lincs, which should, hopefully, be great for the group as we might get more members (exactly who does listen to Radio Lincolnshire on Sunday mornings?!). But I'm really scared. It's going out live, which means I'm certain to say something really stupid AND have a coughing fit. Very very scary. Eeeeeeeeeeeek.

The stonking cold is still with me, although it's getting better now (apart from the cough, which could make the interview extra inaudible!). I am really fed up with being off work, as I seem to have been off for weeks (OK, OK, there was a two week gap over Christmas anyway) and being self-employed means no sick pay. :-( And don't get me started on ringing the benefits helpline - I'm sure they deliberately ask you every inane question ever when they realise you've got a sore throat and want to talk as little as possible! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

The one bonus has been extra knitting time:

Broadripple socks finished! I did take a picture of them with my feet inside but my hairy legs were on display, so the picture is not appearing on here. Does anyone actually bother to shave their legs in winter? I just can't see the point.

Jaywalker socks using the Curious sock yarn are growing well. DB says that this looks like a little chimney is growing out of my windowsill! Will very soon be at the heel turn for these. Curious yarns were featured in the latest Simply Knitting so they'll probably be inundated with orders now (well they probably were already as their yarn is ace!). The socks are next to the Narcissus on my windowsill, which has just burst into flower.

I finished the back of Cranberry last night. A satisfying quick knit, only the front and sleeves to go now! The yarn is lovely to work with, very soft and cuddly. It's going to be a wonderful jumper to wear (I hope).

Meanwhile, I've been fulfilling some New Year's Resolutions. I failed the one about not getting a sore throat again (that lasted approx 1 day into the New Year, but I'm not sure what I could do about it!). I did however get my electricity supplier switched to a green company. I used USwitch and have moved to Ecotricity (which is also marginally cheaper per year, so now I have an extra £7.54 a year to spend on yarn!). I read up about green electricity suppliers in advance on Ethiscore. I've got some stuff to clear out which I'm going to put on Freecycle.
And, whilst browsing on Money Saving Expert, I found a link to this site:
5 minutes away - which provides details of places to get food, drink, loos and petrol within five minutes of motorway junctions so you don't have to spend a fortune on plastic food at motorway service stations!


blueadt said...

Good luck Daisy - I'm sure you'll be fine!

KnitYoga said...

Allen's Pine & Honey Balsam (available at Holland & Barrett and other health shops) trickled down the throat slowly as often as permitted on label and a warm drink made from freshly squeezed lemon, hot water and honey to sip whilst talking during the interview should keep the cough at bay. You'll be fine, I'm sure and what a great opportunity to let local knitters know about your group. Go for it!!! I wish I was in the area so I could hear it. The Broadripple socks look fantastic as does the progress on the "chimney" socks. ;-) Cranberry is also looking excellent!

Amy said...

Ooo, the socks look great! I just cast on for my Jaywalkers.

Is your interview going to be on the Internet? Then I could hear it too...

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

I am so envious! the colours that are available to you in the UK are wonderful,I am just starting to dye my own but looking at Curious Yarns and I am stumped.We have fairly limited access to such yarns but things are improving.
PS good luck for Radio thingy!!!!!

Nic said...

I hope the interview went well. Can't say I ever listen to Radio Lincs on a Sunday morning but maybe this Sunday i will ;o)
I'm hoping to make it to the next Knit Lincs when its in Lincoln. Sleaford is nearly two hours away but Lincoln isn't that bad
The socks look great. I want to start with socks this year

rachel said...

Gorgeous socks - I'm going to try Jaywalker and Broadripple very soon -as well as toe up socks! I've even persuaded a colleague to try sock knitting now thanks to Curious Yarns!