Thursday, January 19, 2006

Grrrrrrrrrrr trains

I missed my train home from London Kings Cross today. In fact I ran onto the platform just as it started to pull out. It's probably my fault as I had been in Loop just beforehand, but if the bus had actually come when it was meant to, and there hadn't been roadworks I'd have got there in time. I only had a Cheap Day Return, and didn't want to hang around for another four hours waiting for the next cheap period (as I'd have had to spend more on transport in London and buy food etc and wouldn't have got home until after 10pm), so had to fork out £22 for an upgrade.


OK, it could have been worse. I had my railcard with me which saved some money, but think how much yarn I could have bought with £22. Booo hoo hoooooo.

Oh, and I was very good in Loop. I just got some yarn for my SP and the winter Interweave Knits for me. See - no diets broken!


Yvonne said...

You should have come and joined me at Liberty's - a quiet night of 12 knitters 6 bloggers!

Anne said...

Grrrrrr indeed - glad you got home OK though. V impressed that you're keeping to your diet! (Not sure that buying Interweave Knits really counts though...?)

susoolu said...

No - patterns, books, and magazines don't count in yarn diets (else I would be in serious trouble).

Glad you did eventually get home, but Grrrr is right.

So, are you signing up for the knitting olympics?

Jess said...

Oh, what a shame! I once had to pay double for a train ticket in Ireland. I had very dilligently gone to the station the day before to buy my ticket so I wouldn't risk missing my early-morning train if there was a long line at the ticket window. I didn't realize, however, that the ticket was only good the day it was purchased! Luckily, I had enough cash with me to buy a ticket on the train.

As for your meme about traveling outside of Europe, I highly recommend Boston, particularly in autumn.

KnitYoga said...

Absolutely and definitely grrrrrr!!! Hope you went and knitted in one of the first class carriages after all that! ;-)

Annarella said...

Arghhhhh, don't get me started on London transport and how much ridiculously overpriced it is! Well, at least you visited Loop, right? ;)

happyspider said...

oh yuck :(
hope the neighbours insights help :p

Alice said...

i figure pattern books help you use up your stash, so they are actually like going for an extra bit of exercise.

... so i always buy more yarn (equivalent of hot chocolate after swimming(