Sunday, January 08, 2006

Knitting on the radio

Thank you for the encouragement everyone! I was on Radio Lincolnshire this morning and, despite being absolutely petrified beforehand, really enjoyed it once I was in the studio! Debbie's (from Knit Lincs) DH had given me loads of useful tips beforehand as I'd never done anything like this before. The DH of another friend recorded it so I've had a chance to hear myself (a very strange experience hearing yourself talking). And I didn't cough once! Although I've still got to get the honey and lemon out of the car mat where I knocked my drink over on the way there! Oops.

I took a couple of pics whilst I was there:

This is the presenter, Chris, halfway through his first row! It was quite hard to teach him as I was sitting opposite him, rather than alongside so I had trouble visualizing what he should be doing! He also held the needles differently, but seemed comfortable like that...

Afterwards I got the producer (Les?) to do a row too. It turned out that he'd learnt at school and it was entertaining to watch as he made his first stitch and it all came flooding back to him!

They were both nice and friendly, it all felt very relaxed which helped me to keep calm throughout. The producer was seated in a sort of reception area and let me sit with him and watch whilst he connected people to a phone-in just before my item. It was fascinating watching how everything worked and seeing messages flying backwards and forwards between the producer, the presenter and the outside world. I'd always thought until now that men could only do one thing at a time (!!) but these two proved otherwise! There only seemed to be about three people in the whole place, as I had to wait outside for the person who'd read the 11 o'clock headlines to come and let me in! Anyway, it was a good insight into what goes on to get the radio on the air. I'd had a tour of Radio Lincolnshire ages ago when I was doing my Queen's Guide Award and they were friendly then, but having a chance to watch a show being made and taking part in it was excellent!

Hopefully we'll also get loads of new members for Knit Lincs from this too.
Not much knitting progress to report at the moment. I'm working near Bury St Edmunds for the first part of this week, and am then in London so if you leave me a comment or an email I'll get back to you on my return.

Oh, and I know I'm on a yarn diet, but. Well. It was on sale. And I always did intend to get the yarn for Tubey soon... Some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran should be winging its way to me from Yarnsmith as I type (or probably not. It's Sunday today).


Yvonne said...

Wish I could have heard it! Good to hear that everything went well.

Want to meet up in London this week?

Mary Anne said...

I didn't get a chance to listen but I'm so happy to know it went well. Congratulations on your accomplishment. You deserve that new yarn! I hope lots of new members make it to your knitting group.

jess said...

Wow! Congrats for appearing on the radio - sounds like it was fun and interesting after all. Enjoy your fame.

Thanks for the comment too!

Nic said...

Wow. Looks like you had fun. So some converts now then?
Can you let me know the postcode of the place you meet in Lincoln because I want to come and play on Saturday but don't know where it is.