Saturday, January 14, 2006

What a week!

Ooooh, what a week I've had. Several records have been broken. I started back at work and did four days this week (which is the most I've done in a LONG time). That meant a couple of nights away and the longest drive I've ever done (see, a record broken). OK, so 110 miles down to Bury and then 110 back again may not seem like much. But you have to bear in mind that I'm a rather hesitant driver and actually didn't drive for a couple of years as I found it too scary. This is partly to do with learning to drive in Lincolnshire, as we don't have BIG roads here. We have roads that go round fields and have tractors on them. I've been driving now for 9 years and have driven on a motorway precisely 5 times (!). So I've done loads of driving this week, the downside is that it feels like a lot of time wasted as I could have been knitting. :-(

The yarn diet is proceeding brilliantly. Ahem.

OK, so most of this was in the sale at Yarnsmith. 9 balls of black and 2 balls of light purple. All intended for Tubey. So it doesn't really count as breaking the yarn diet as I was going to do the pattern anyway and, of course, it would have been silly to buy it later on when it's not on sale! I wanted another contrast colour and didn't like the others at Yarnsmith so when I was in John Lewis on Thursday I bought the ball of green sitting on the top. (OK so this was full price, but obviously I couldn't get started without it so that doesn't count either). I met up with Yvonne in the yarn dept at John Lewis, which was cool. We had a rootle through the sale bins (just about everything was yellow or orange. Yuck. :-( ) and Yvonne helped me choose the green Cashmerino Aran. And we went for a cup of tea and to talk knitting. She had her Mrs Beeton wristwarmers on, and they're lovely. I'm going to have to make some I think, as they'd be so warm for work.

Jaywalkers are coming along. I was worried that they'd be too big, and they are slightly bigger than my other hand-knitted socks, but I think they'll be OK (and I got so many funny looks trying them on for size on the train!).

The next record broken was at Knit Lincs:

We had nine people! And several of them were new so we are definitely growing! I met Nic for the first time as she'd driven down for the meeting. I like meeting fellow knit bloggers. I thought it might be strange meeting people whom I'd only "met" online before but everybody so far has been really nice and friendly and just like their blogs, only better cos you get to see the knitting for real and talk to them over a cup of tea!

The other excitement of the week was this parcel:

A muffin parcel from Frances! Thank you Frances!

My SP has been in touch and sent me emails and blog comments. This is so cool and exciting. I'm being like a small child again (those that know me would say "as usual")

Bye bye for now, next week is another mad week with loads of driving, although at least I get to sleep at home every night this time.


Amy said...

Ooo, your Jaywalkers look great! I like the contrasting colors!

Nic said...

You must have got straight home blogged! I was so good and didn't go to Dunelm. Maybe next time.
It was good to meet you. I know what you mean. At least I walked up to the right person this time. I walked up to a girl I thought was my friend the first time I met her and it wasn't her. Ha! the woman thought I was a freak!!
The socks are great! I need to knit some now!!

KnitYoga said...

Socks are looking very lovely. Nine people at your group!! Wow!! Did some come after listening to your radio chat? Yummy looking parcel of muffins. All that time driving though!! What about the train - then you could spend time knitting?

Anne said...

I love the Jaywalkers - what yarn are you using? (I'm being lazy - I'm sure if I looked further down I'd find out...) I'm very impressed with all the driving - I passed my test about 20 years ago, didn't drive much as a student, and only really took it up again gradually after we bought a car about 6 years ago - and I still don't do "big" roads. I need to remember that yarn for stuff you were going to knit anyway doesn't count... yup - I definitely like that philosophy! Hope this week is easier for you. Glad you stayed well though.

happyspider said...

socks are looking beautiful! and yarn fasts were meant to be broken...

knihovnik said...

Mmmmmmm.... muffins!!!

Hope you don't mind me being a little picky here, but you didn't actually drive down to Bury did you? You went to Bury St Edmunds, which is completely different to Bury which is well and truly in Lancashire. Sorry to be completely pedantic about this, but if you will date a Lancastrian... ;-)

rosie said...

what a productive week! i'm new to your blog (followed a link from Yvonne's) and don't have a blog myself but...I noticed that you were working near Bury St Edmunds last week. I live in Cambridge but my favourite yarn store Jaycraft collection is in Bury St E. If you're back that way again, go, go go!

Anonymous said...

Your Jaywalker sock looks great!


Sharon J said...

I can just imagine the looks you got on the train! LOL. Just imagining it is making me giggle. ~Sharon

Mary Anne said...

Your yarn for Tubey looks scrumptious and the Jaywalkers are lovely!

I'm glad you had such a good time and your knitting group is growing.

Those muffins look yummy too.

C x said...

You got sent muffins! *drools*.

Are you just going to be using the two colours for tubey then?

C x