Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Seven times seven meme

I've been tagged by Sue, so thought I'd do it now just before bed cos otherwise I'll forget!

Seven Times Seven Meme

Seven things to do before I die:-
- travel beyond Europe.
- learn how to knit really well.
- have children
- learn how to cook properly
- buy myself a house (with lots of room for yarn and friends).
- drive on big scary roads.
- read all the books and knit all the patterns I'd like to.

Seven things I cannot do:-
- cook intuitively (although I love watching people who can!)
- drink more than one glass of wine without ending up on the floor and/or fast asleep.
- drive on big scary roads.
- intarsia
- see very much without my glasses on.
- drive without thinking what a waste of time this is cos I could be knitting. In fact do pretty much anything without thinking what a waste of time this is cos I could be knitting.
- be patient

Seven things that attract me to blogging:-
- friendships and knitting chums
- ideas for projects/shops/yarns/patterns/food
- sense of belonging to an international community
- pretty pictures
- getting comments on my blog!
- Secret Pal exchanges!
- Hey- I'm an email addict - the comments on my blog go straight into my inbox!

Seven things I say most often:-
- bizarre
- cool
- weird
- baaaaaa
- ta duck (a Lincolnshire expression).
- coughcoughcoughcoughcoughcough (at the moment).

Seven books that I love:-
- Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
- Possession - A.S. Byatt
- Bridget Jones - Helen Fielding
- An Equal Music - Vikram Seth
- Vita Brevis - Jostein Gardner
- The Bell - Iris Murdoch (hey, I lived in a religious community once, and I nearly got killed doing it, so it's all a bit close to reality, spookily so in fact as I first read this before all that.)
- The Floating Book - Michelle Lovric

Seven movies I watch over and over again:-
- The chronicles of Narnia (well I will once it comes out on DVD)
- Harry Potters (although they scare me, but not as much as big roads do).
- Amen
- Amelie
- Moulin Rouge
- Chicago
- Pride and Prejudice (does the BBC one count as a movie? I haven't seen the Keira Knightley film one yet).

Seven people I want to join in too (but only if they want to!):-
- My SP once they've revealed themselves (liked that idea Sue!).
- Anybody else who feels like it


Sue said...

Thanks for doing the meme Katie - I really like these and the little glimpse you get of other people!

Anonymous said...

I'll do it as soon as the SP7 is over! :)


Nic said...

I'm with you on the driving being a waste of time BUT being a passenger is ace because there is nothing else to do so it would be rude not to knit. All of a sudden, I enjoyed trips to see the out-laws in Kent in the slow Land Rover-I knitted a whole baby cardigan!!