Friday, June 17, 2005

Chocolate car

First of all, this is progress on my "Fondant" top from Knitting magazine:

as you can see I got a lot done on the trains yesterday, although no comments this time! I was waiting for the connection at Newark North Gate and there were loads of people on the northbound platform waiting for trains to Royal Ascot, which isn't at Ascot at all this year, but at York instead. It was pretty cold weather, but they weren't wearing that much, and had some incredibly silly shoes on (and as for the hats!). I think this is why no one commented on my knitting, we were all too busy gawping at the people on the other platform!

Mary Ann asked me what I was using for Fondant - it's Sirdar 100% cotton DK in a beigy colour. I liked the summer top patterns in the June Knitting mag, but it's been difficult to find cotton in bright /interesting colours, rather than baby pastels...

Meanwhile, I've been admiring the chocolate car, which I heard about on UKHandknitters. Yummy. Yummy.

I was going to do book reviews now, but I think I might leave that until Saturday after my trip to the library. When I was in London yesterday though, I made a visit to Waterstones on Gower St (it's got 5 floors & it's very easy to spend hours in there, in fact I usually get lost). Their knitting section has tripled in size since I last saw it and I had a look at the Teva Durham book "Loop-d-loop" which various people have been talking about. It looks so tempting, with some interesting patterns. I've emailed the library to suggest they might like to buy it and in the meantime, it's on my wish list! :-)

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Angie Cox said...

Patons do a lovely magenta and a rust cotton yarn ..otherwise it's Rowan's cotton Clace if you want any deep colours.Janette's Rare Yarns on E;Bay have some good colours in her dis-continued section.Angie