Saturday, June 04, 2005

Valentine - almost!

Well today has involved plenty of rushing around doing pre-holiday type things (and some work too, as I'd promised I'd do a certain amount before going away and somehow 4 hours of it ended up being today). It's very quiet now as we took Sooty:

to the cattery. He caterwauled all the way there, as he always does. He must be the world's noisiest cat. The woman who runs the cattery came to meet us in the car park as she heard him wailing from there! He seems to have got worse as he got older (he's nearly 18) and especially now he's quite arthritic and can't jump onto things any more (he only has three legs).

I've also been to the library, to return "Watching the English" (unfinished, I've reserved it again as it was a very funny book to dip into now and again!) and to pick up my holiday reading, which, this year is:
Valentine is also unfinished - I still have one sleeve to sew in, although I've tried on what there is and it's looking good! I did try a photo but it came out red and wibbly and you couldn't really tell what it was meant to be. I like the length (just covering my bottom, to keep it warm in winter) and it's lovely and soft and cuddly. I'm considering taking it away with me to finish off, although it's quite big. It would mean that I'd have an extra jumper there to wear though...
I've been debating what knitting to take. I've packed my MYSTERY item (it's a birthday present & I know the recipient reads this blog as she said she'd bookmarked it!) and also a skein of my HipKnits cotton (now fully recovered from the green wheelie bin escapade). I'm taking this to think about what I want to make with it, I thought stroking it might provide inspiration, although I have got some ideas already. I've packed my knitting needles so might knit up a swatch to try out the tension.
Now, I've packed my other holiday essentials - Colin Firth DVDs, cocoa and my hot water bottle (yes, I do realise it's June). Perhaps some clothes and a toothbrush might be a good idea too? One year I went to the Lakes and forgot my waterproofs. Never again.

Have also had a think about what we're going to do while we're away. I've tracked down two yarnshops to visit - one selling Cumbrian rare breed sheep wool. Have also arranged a visit to Townend to see the library there (for the ever-looming dissertation) and to meet up with an old school friend who now works there (isn't it a small world?).

Meanwhile the ospreys are nesting again by Bassenthwaite lake and have hatched out 2 chicks this year:
Osprey WebCam.
There is a walk through the woods to telescopes set up to view the nest properly and they have a mock-up of the nest. It's deceptive on the webcam as it looks quite small - it's actually bigger than me, and they are massive birds.

And the major question of the holiday is: will I survive a week without checking my email? I'm deliberately not taking the laptop but will I be able to resist the temptation of Keswick's internet cafes?!

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