Thursday, June 23, 2005

Knitting socks on the train

First of all I've got a few thank yous for comments and help I've received! Mary Anne has sent me lots of encouraging comments which have been much appreciated. Kate answered my query on her blog about the best way of darning in ends, with a link to a Knitty article. Fred emailed me a while ago after I'd bought the two Harmony guides at Oxfam to tell me that there are actually three vols, so I'm going to have to keep looking for the other one (or buy it second hand from Amazon!). Anyway, thanks for all that folks!

Train knitting today was moderately successful, I produced the part-sock on the GNER train to find 7 pairs of eyes fixed on me! But only one lady was brave enough to talk about it, and she didn't believe me when I said knitting was really popular again! Still, I got a lot done, starting from scratch. It helped that I had an hour to wait for a connection at Newark on the way back - sat in the sun with a cup of tea, chocolate brownie and DPNs! (and no, Mary Anne, I didn't stab anybody!) This is progress so far, the colour looks a bit strange as I forgot to take it in daylight and the light in my kitchen is a bit orangey.

Meanwhile, London was really frustrating - UCL library was being reorganised so half the books in the Main Lib had been moved to the Science Lib but nobody there could tell me where they'd gone! This involved lots of running round in the sun. I was REALLY annoyed, as this happens every summer, as soon as the undergrads have gone home they start moving stuff around and knocking walls down etc - does it not occur to them that postgrads might still want/need to be using the libraries?!?!

OK. Rant over. But it did mean I was there ages and so didn't get to Guide HQ on Buckingham Palace Road to buy promise badges. We have 6 girls now in our Ranger company which is great news and they would like to get enrolled soon.

And when I (finally) got home this was waiting in the porch:

Opal handpainted sock yarn! I saw it on Ebay and couldn't resist!! This is turning into a very materialistic blog. Maybe I should try being a minimalist for a while... Only trouble is I also discovered the Elann website this week and then discovered that John Lewis has a sale starting in a fortnight! GULP.


Anonymous said...

Hi Daisy,

The Opal yarn looks beautiful LOL


Justy said...

Uh Oh! Elann can be addictive! I have purchased most of my knitting tools from them and love all their discounted yarns!

Buster Overcast said...

Interested. Keep Blogging!