Sunday, June 26, 2005

Fondant update

This is progress on Fondant:

The neck is supposed to be 20cm, then it's worn folded over, so there's a little bit to go yet. Amusingly the colour looks totally different on this post, as I took this photo in my flat, rather than in Mum's house next door. Who would have thought the light could look so different?!

I wonder whether anyone else does this? I realised at Knit Lincs yesterday that while I was busy pointing out all the wonky picked up stitches, mutant parts etc of Valentine and Fondant, Lorraine and Debbie were both admiring them. Maybe the maker spends too much time with the item so doesn't fully appreciate it? Or appreciates it in a different way? Will be interesting to see how I feel about them when I wear them out and about. Typically I finished Valentine (in very warm Rowan Polar) just as the weather turned very warm so haven't really had a chance to wear it yet!

I also thought I'd put on a picture of my Bigga Bag from Simply Knitting issue 1:

I'm using it as my knitting bag as I put in a lining to stop my needles falling through. The lining is a piece of burgundy fabric left over from a balldress Mum made me whilst I was at university the first time round. The yarn is Sirdar Bigga (3 balls) in Etna, which is the colour also used in the magazine. I was hoping for a different colour (although I do like Etna), but Sirdar only seem to have limited variegated colours in Bigga and I didn't want a plain colour one (boring!)

The socks are also progressing well and I did the heel tonight while watching "A picture of Britain". I've really enjoyed this series. David Dimbleby talks about various parts of the landscape while walking up hills/along rivers/through caves and intersperses it with what artists and writers thought about the same landscapes. I'd like to go to Tate Britain to see the exhibition there that goes with the series. It's on until September so I should get a chance...


alex said...
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Mary Anne said...

I love the bag, Daisy. It's a beautiful colourway. Fondant is coming along beautifully.

I'm the same way with my projects, noticing the little flaws or wonky bits while others don't see them. I think it's because we are so close to the item day by day. I find when I'm finished a knitted item, I have to step away from it for awhile before I can really appreciate all the work I've put into it.

Thanks for the link to the Picture of Britain series. I enjoyed going through the website. I love learning about Britain, seeing as 3 of my grandparents were from there (one was from Wales).

Happy knitting day to you!
Mary Anne