Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Feed the Children

Oh dear. Another post without photos. Sorry everybody, but the last couple of days have been frantic as it's approaching the end of the month and I had deadlines to meet. So not much knitting and no photo taking have happened. And I am SO tired after working flat out. And it's London tomorrow, which always makes me even more tired. Yawn. OK. Winge over. I promise I will now attempt to write something interesting.

Fondant is still progressing. I've finished the collar (and yes, my head fits through!!). I've got a horrible feeling that I did something wrong a while ago and it's going to end up being shorter at the front than at the back. Anyway, have just picked up stitches (EEK) around one armhole and have been busily 2 x 2 ribbing away all evening. I will put up a pic of progress fairly soon.

The Sock is also progressing, I got the heel turned over the weekend, which is never as bad as I think it's going to be. It will be my train knitting for tomorrow again as I should be able to get a good long way along the foot on the journey.

I've also contacted Feed the Children's knitting appeal after reading a bit about them in Simply Knitting. They're looking for people to knit jumpers and blankets for babies and children so I sent off for the jumper pattern, which comes in a pdf file on email. I'm going to have a go as the pattern is fairly basic and I'll be able to use some of my stash. They want colourful items so it will be a good antidote to the excess of beige I've been experiencing lately! I could also do a blanket and have a practice of some new stitches at the same time I suppose.

Meanwhile, I read an interesting article about some excavations at Fishbourne, a Roman palace down south. They've shown that the Roman invasion was actually several decades before all the history books say it was and that it wasn't an invasion at all but quite friendly. Only problem is, it was in the Independent, and they start charging for online access 3 days after the article is published. Grrr.

I finished "The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency" last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a very gentle detective story: nobody gets murdered so it seems more like real life as most of us know it! The people are very colourful and come across well (they also spend a lot of time drinking rooibos tea, which is one of my favourites!) and it's just a very pleasant, interesting, not too taxing book to read - good bedtime reading! Now I'm reading "The Seymour Tapes" which is a totally different kettle of fish - about a man who becomes obsessed with surveillance and knowing what his family and colleagues are up to all the time. It's fairly compulsive reading.

Right I'm off to excavate my stash and find some DK of some sort for baby jumpers...

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Mary Anne said...

I hope you have time in your busy day for some knitting and that things go well today!
ps: I love the book by Smith and I drink rooibos tea also!
Mary Anne