Saturday, June 18, 2005

Cotton in interesting colours

First of all thanks to Angie for her comments about cotton on yesterday's blog. Ironically this is what arrived in the post this morning: Patons 100% cotton 4ply in magenta and purple!

The colours are lovely, brighter than they appear in the photo and will be added to the stash and turned into tops at a later date. These came from a shop called "Designs" based in Yelverton, Devon. They're having a sale of all their stock as the owners have to retire and so I got all of the above with 40% off. They have a friendly service and it's well worth contacting them to see what's left (it's mainly stuff from Sirdar, Wendy and Patons). My parcel arrived very promptly and they send an invoice so you pay once you've seen it. Their phone no. is 01822 854364 - Happy Yarn Shopping!

Once I'd recovered from being woken up & receiving the parcel in my pyjamas (the postman kept me chatting on the doorstep, whilst I was wondering what on earth my hair looked like as I hadn't been near a mirror at that stage. As I suspected, it was standing on end in big knots.) I went into town to distribute some posters for Knit Lincs next weekend and went to the Farmers' Market. I highly recommend them if you've got one near you. Although there were a lot of stalls selling meat (I'm veggie, so this wasn't very relevant to me!) I did get some tasty local organic asparagus, free-range eggs and some sunflower bread (oh and cheese scones, but they didn't last very long).

I also discovered Debbie Abraham's book "25 cushions to knit" at the library, as I'm looking for inspiration for the cushion covers I'm planning. This is really well-illustrated and spiral bound so you can have it open in front of you whilst reading a pattern. I don't intend making one of these patterns, but am planning to put something together of my own, using yarn in my stash.

Meanwhile, in the Oxfam bookshop (having walked past the site where Waterstones is opening very very soon!) I found the two Harmony Guides to Knitting Stitches for 99p each! These are quite terrifying in the number of stitches covered (about 400 in each book) but there are pictures of each stitch knitted up, as well as instructions on how to do them. I thought these might also come in useful for the cushion making...

And tonight it's the final episode of this series of Doctor Who. If you go the website and have sound on your computer you get a load of Daleks all shouting "Exterminate"!

Thanks to all the people who read my blog - I can't believe the hit counter figures! Hope you're enjoying it!


Angie Cox said...

I do enjoy your blog Daisy.You are as bad as me! I haunt our Oxfam bookshop and have got some really good knitting books. I am awaiting the sale at our yarn store to stock up on some cottons.I have treated myself to some of the new Kureyon colours but now it is so humid I can't knit with it.I got some Paton's Cotton Colada on E:Bay this week ,a mixed bag.Anyhow it is pretty ,a bit like the very expensive "Fiesta" rayon boucle but mixed with cotton.I got enough to make my daughter a summer cardigan .Happy knitting Daisy ..I also enjoy Lixie's site but try to limit blog reading or I won't be knitting enough !!

Heather said...

Your 4ply cotton looks lovely! I'm looking forward to seeing what you knit with it.