Monday, June 20, 2005

It's SO hot

This will be a short post as it's really really hot here & I need to get ready for Rangers tonight. This is progress so far on Fondant:

I'm almost at the point where stitch holders appear and it's knitted flat for a while. I seem to be going through a very boring beige phase, as my Summer Tweed top (in my profile photo) is beigish and I've been considering what to do with some Anny Blatt Savane I have in my stash in ecru (pale beige!). I'm very tempted by the "Lucy's Diamonds" scarf from Southern Cross Knitting and have kind of started it - I'm still having a play around with needle sizes. Thanks to UKHandknitters I discovered how to do a provisional cast on last night - from a very helpful website with videos of techniques - Knitting Help.

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