Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Mutant Octopus

Progress has been made on Fondant:

There was an interesting stage when I seemed to be wrestling with some kind of mutant beige octopus - involving two balls of yarn, some knitting with 2 circular needles attached and 4 stitch holders, but the situation has recovered a bit now that 1 circular needle and 1 ball of yarn are no longer needed. It was quite a tempting prospect to take on the train though - the potential for funny looks whilst wrestling with that lot must be immense!

However, as it's SO hot still, and promising to be even hotter in London tomorrow I don't really fancy lugging Fondant around with me, as I have quite a lot else to carry around (like a pile of library books to return to UCL). I have given up on the Lucy's Diamonds scarf for the time being as I'm a bit sick of scarves anyway and the Anny Blatt wasn't ideal for this project as it kept splitting. I think now is the time to start another pair of socks as these are small and light for taking on the train and still have plenty of impressive looking sticking out DPNs for the "what on earth is she doing" factor at the station. I'm going to make a pair for my Mum, as she saw some Regia sock yarn she liked on holiday:

This is Regia Jacquard in a sort of reddy, greeny, bluey, whitish colour. The other bonus is that I need two 50g balls for a pair so I only need to take one ball with me tomorrow, thus saving even more room in my bag! Sometimes I am just too cunning...

So what have I been up to today? I've done 5 hours job-work and been for a wander round the Arboretum for a break before returning to dissertation writing. If I'm not careful working from home can mean that I spend the whole day in the same room either working or doing the dissertation (or blogging) and never go anywhere else = boring! Today was so beautiful and sunny though a walk seemed a good move:

This made me think that a knitting picnic might be a good idea this summer. Although knowing British weather if we organised one in advance it would probably rain...

Right. Onwards with the dissertation. I've done 1500 words, so only 13500 to go - AARRGGHH!!!

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Mary Anne said...


Your sweater is looking very good! I'm impressed. I think the soft colour looks perfect with this design.

Make sure you don't jab anyone with those 4 pointy sticks on your train ride :)
Mary Anne